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Mr. Alpert was very professional and was exceptional. Extremely thorough and meticulous. He listened and cared about me and what I was going through. Every time I contacted him and the office with questions and information, he treated me as an important person. He handled everything, from going to court on my behalf, due to I was unable to attend due to my injuries. Fighting for me all the way through and all the red tape the other side was causing. Mr. Joel Alpert and Brenda kept on them. He would call me on weekends, etc. What lawyer does that, phenomenal! He treated me with respect and dignity. He tells you like it is, no sugar coating. Straight forward from the start. He gave me information and a plan to follow through with. His Legal Assistant, Brenda, is an asset to the practice. From the bottom of my heart, I'm so very thankful, and truly blessed to have this team. You definitely want Mr. Joel Alpert and Brenda in your corner fighting for your rights. I would highly recommend Mr. Joel Alpert to everyone! They are worth more than 10 STARS.

Jeanne C.
Fraser, MI
September, 2020

I would like to thank Joel Alpert for the time & effort he & his team put into my case. I'm very satisfied with my settlement. 
He has a very well spoken and polite legal assistant by the name of Brenda. She's awesome, very friendly and always tries to help.  They return phone calls promptly and are very understanding. 
Thank you guys for your time and patience.

Nichet J.

Inkster, MI

April 2019

Before I met Mr.  Alpert I thought all hope was lost. I had a severe work related back injury. I had lost everything. 

Then, finally, I had a voice. It was Mr. Alpert and his team (can't forget you Brenda.) We had 2 trials and he got the medical and work comp wage loss benefits I deserved. They have made me feel like part of the family. 

They are hard-working, honest, kind, sincere people. They are very professional. Thanks to all of them.


William B.

West Branch, MI

April 2019

For 10 + years Mr. Alpert has been our lawyer. He has gone to court several times for this case and has won every time. They keep appealing and he keeps winning.

He was won a bathroom modification, a stair lift installed in our house and and elevator outside our house. He won an increase in our attendant care rate of pay. This list goes on. 

There’s a lot of things that are in this case but the most important thing is Joel Alpert stands up for you and will fight and keep fighting for you. 

John S.

Livonia, MI

March 2019

My husband was hit by a car while working on the road and had very serious injuries. Joel Alpert and his assistant, Brenda, have always been very helpful and quick to respond to our questions and concerns.

Our case has gone on for many years with Workers' Comp because of the seriousness of my husband's injuries. Joel has fought hard to get the compensation that we deserve with Attendant Care and other medical needs. He shows us his personal and professional concern and thoughts for my husbands future health care needs and financial support.

We appreciate how professional this law firm is, yet personable and truly concerned for our well-being at the same time. Thanks Joel Alpert and Brenda!


Glen W.

Dansville, MI

February 2019

I met Joel in 1984 and he has been friend as much as my lawyer since. Through all the dragging out of my case Joel always kept up to date and informed. He called many times to check on me and my family. He made me and my family feel like friends, not just a client. 

My case dragged out until 2007 and Joel kept me in mind and kept getting my workman's comp checks. He got my case finished after many long hours and years; and in the end I feel I got not only a great resolution, but a good friend for life.  Ever since my case was settled he has checked in to see how things are for me and my family.

I have had friends see Joel for cases and they have been all very happy to have a lawyer who cares and keeps you up to date. I would always recommend him to family and friends. If you need a lawyer you can trust don't pick a name in the phone book, please call Joel Alpert! You will never be sorry!

Fred S.

Southgate , MI

Mr. Joel Alpert handled my WORKERS' COMPENSATION case. 

He was extremely professional and the best in how he fought my WORK COMP CASE; and after a few years we won a settlement of $250,000.

I would recommend Mr. Joel Alpert to every single person who has suffered from a WORKERS' COMP INJURY. He will fight to see that you get a just and fair compensation.

Thank you Mr. Alpert for everything. Regards, 

Tommy S.

A while ago I had the need to seek legal representation for a work related injury. I was fortunate to find Mr. Joel Alpert.

From the start, Mr. Alpert explained my situation. He informed me of my rights and let me know what to expect. Throughout our association Mr. Alpert and his staff have been available and quick to respond to my needs.

Mr. Alpert and his staff have been personable, courteous, and professional. They take a personal interest in my well being. I have recommended Mr. Alpert to friends and associates.

Steve R.

I went to Joel Alpert when the insurance company for my Worker’s Comp case wanted to settle my claim. Joel and his team, Brenda and Jerry, were professional and thorough, and worked hard on my behalf. They kept me informed throughout the process and worked diligently even through the covid- 19 pandemic.

I am grateful for their efforts and believe they obtained the best possible outcome for me. Joel always let me know what my options were, his willingness to continue fighting for me, and how much he thought he could obtain for me. When the insurance company offered a slightly higher amount than expected, I trusted Joel’s advice to accept it.  I would definitely recommend Joel to anyone dealing with Worker’s Compensation issues.

Gail W.