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Hazing Victim's Parents Sue School

The parents of a Chicago prep school student are suing the school for an alleged hazing incident that left their son a quadriplegic, their lawyer says.

Christopher Connolly was a freshman on the St. Ignatius junior varsity water polo team in 2007 when he struck his head on the bottom of the school's swimming pool and fractured his vertebrae, the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday.

The parents' attorney says Connolly was ordered to dive into the pool by one of the coaches after an assistant coach told some classmates to throw pool equipment at him.

The suit says Connolly was referred to by the derogatory nickname "Flounder."

Now 17 years old, Connolly has regained some use of his arms and hands, his parents' lawyer says.

The negligence suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court seeks undisclosed monetary damages from St. Ignatius.