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Woman Paralyzed From Stroke Awarded Over $35m

A woman was awarded $35.4 million in Dedham, Massachusetts, after becoming paralyzed from a stroke she experienced several hours after birth.

Andrea Larkin, 35, was awarded the money after suing Dedham Medical Associates, where she sought treatment for dizziness in 2004.

Narkin was to be placed on a list of patients with certain medical conditions after an MRI and a CAT scan showed she had brain abnormalities. Her doctor, Jehane Johnston, failed to place her name on the list.

Larkin's obstetrician was not aware of her brain abnormalities when Larkin become pregnant years later. According to Larkin's lawyer, Benjamin Novotny, a caesarean section would have been ordered if her condition was known.

Larkin suffered a massive stroke hours after giving birth to her daughter, leaving her completely paralyzed except for her right arm.