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Family Settles $2.95M Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Police

A family has settled a $2.95 million lawsuit filed against police in Fairfax, Virginia.

John Greer was shot and killed in his home by Officer Adam Torres after officers responded to a domestic dispute.

According to Michael Lieberman, the Greer family's attorney, the $2.95 million settlement is the largest police shooting-related settlement in the history of Virginia.

County attorneys were accused of stonewalling the investigation of the shooting by not turning over Torres's internal affairs records to the Commonwealth. A judge ordered the county to turn over the records, which showed Torres having an angry “meltdown” during an incident at the county courthouse.

Though the settlement does not have an admission of liability from the county or impose any police department policy changes, the resulting backlash has prompted the review of police procedures, such as those regarding force and releasing information to the public.