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N.C.AA. Proposes Settlement for Lawsuit Filed Over Concussions, Head Injuries

The N.C.A.A. has proposed a settlement for the class-action lawsuit brought against it for its handling of concussions and head injuries.

The settlement proposes to include plaintiffs from sports like golf, softball and track and field, in addition to its proposals of a $70 million medical monitoring fund for athletes, $5 million for research and stricter return-to-play guidelines for athletes who sustain head injuries.

“We took each of the judge's concerns and responded to them,” Steve Berman, the lawyer for a plaintiff, said in regard to the concerns of Judge John Z. Lee. “He said there are many things he liked about this in December, and he wouldn't be putting us through all this work, in my view, if he didn't want to find a way to approve the settlement.”

“Overall, we think that it's moving in the right direction, but it's still problematic,” Jay Edelson said, another plaintiff's lawyer, adding that there was still no compensation for athletes suffering from the effects of head trauma. “It's not the type of wholesale improvements that were needed. The class is still neglected.”