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Family Awarded $16 Million in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A jury has awarded a family more than $16 million for their wrongful death lawsuit against a nursing home company in Southlake, Texas.

The family of Sam Graham was awarded $16.7 million for their lawsuit against Senior Living Properties, which allowed employee Alisa Prueitt to drive home drunk, causing a fatal wreck in 2013.

Graham, 37, was killed in the crash as Prueitt was driving home from her job at Hamilton Healthcare Center, which is owned by Senior Living Properties. Three family members were also injured in the wreck.

Jurors determined that Senior Living Properties was negligent in allowing Prueitt drive home drunk, which was preceded by her showing up for work intoxicated months before the wreck.

“The jury's verdict sends the message to Senior Living Properties, LLC and hopefully others that companies who have the privilege of doing business in our communities must also accept their responsibilities to protect the public's safety,” said Laura Brown, an attorney for the family, in an email.

Prueitt is sentenced to 18 years for intoxication manslaughter and 10 years for intoxication assault.