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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed against Agency for Disabled People

A wrongful death lawsuit filed by an Oklahoma woman accuses a center for disabled people of causing her brother's death.

Shannon Adams filed the lawsuit against Renaissance Management Group of Tulsa on behalf of her brother, Mitch Boles, who died after being transferred from the Southern Oklahoma Resource Center (SORC), which was closed in 2012 by the Oklahoma Commission for Human Services.

Boles, a mentally ill 51-year-old who was diagnosed as having the mind of an 18-month-old, was relocated to a community home in Oklahoma City run by Renaissance Management Group of Tulsa.

According to Adams, they made several mistakes while her brother was under their care out of improper training, eventually leading to his death.

“He was unconscious and then they poured water down his throat,” Adams said. “He was put in ICU on a ventilator and he died.”