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Woman Sues Florida Hospital for Unnecessary Cancer Surgery

A woman filed a lawsuit against Florida Hospital, forcing the release of documents that allegedly reveal a mix-up in the lab, which led to the false diagnosis of cancer in the woman's body.

According to the woman, listed as Jan Doe in the lawsuit, she went to Florida Hospital Winter Park in December for a colonoscopy, but someone mixed her charts with those of a man's charts that showed rectal cancer.

“I really thought I was dying for months,” she said to the Orlando Sentinel.

Doe returned to the hospital Jan. 14 to have part of her rectum removed, though the doctors were unable to pinpoint the cancer in pre-surgery biopsies. According to Doe, her doctor called her on May 4 to tell her she never had cancer to begin with.

“I was euphoric. I felt like a big, heavy shroud had been taken away from me,” she said. “I've still got the phone message. I've put the phone away so I won't lose it.”

Hospital managers apologized deeply when they met with her in August, Doe said, but they refused to release the records about the mistake and how they realized it.