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Nine Employees of a NY Nursing Home Face Charges Over Resident Death

Nine employees of a nursing home in New York are facing criminal charges this week after the death of a resident whose ventilator was improperly connected and whose distress alarms were ignored for hours.

The incident occurred at the Medford Multicare Center for Living, which is located on Long Island, about 40 miles east of New York City.

The victim, a 72-year-old woman who was a temporary resident of the nursing care facility, died during the night in October 2012 after a respiratory therapist failed to connect her to a ventilator.

The therapist then ignored distress alarms coming from the woman's room, despite walking past the room several times while the alarms were going off.

Police charged the respiratory therapist with criminally negligent homicide. Six other nurses and nursing care aides were indicted on lesser charges for ignoring the alarms.

The company running the nursing home, as well as the administrator and the director of respiratory therapy at the facility, were also indicted for allegedly attempting to cover up the incident.