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Victim to Receive $3 Million from 'Affluenza' Teen's Family

Sergio Molina, who was paralyzed last June after a teen drunk driver crashed his pickup truck into a small group of people helping the driver of a stalled vehicle on the side of the road in Texas, will receive $3 million from the teen's family, according to court documents.

In his criminal trial, attorneys for then 16-year-old Ethan Couch, the drunk driver, argued that he wasn't responsible for his actions due to a condition referred to as "affluenza," brought on by being spoiled by his wealthy parents. Couch received no jail time in connection with the crash, which killed four people and injured nine others, including Molina.

Couch was sentenced to probation and rehabilitation for his actions.

The Couch family agreed to a $3 million settlement this week with Molina, who is unable to move any of his limbs as a result of the accident.

The family has already reached out-of-court settlements with two other victims.

The remaining victims have indicated that they intend to pursue their cases through to trial.