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NYC Train Derailment Victim Files Suit for $100M

A railroad employee who was paralyzed in a commuter train derailment in New York City has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the railroad.

The suit was filed by 39-year-old Samuel Rivera, a maintenance employee with Metro-North Railroad who, along with his 14-year-old son, was a passenger on the train when it derailed in the Bronx on December 1.

According to accident investigators, the train was traveling over 80 mph when it approached a curve with a speed limit of 30 mph and derailed. The accident left four people dead and at least 60 others injured.

Rivera was thrown into a wall of the train car when the train left the tracks. The train was not equipped with seat belts.

As a result of his injuries, Rivera is no longer able to move his legs and has only limited use of his arms.

Doctors say it is unlikely that he will ever walk again.