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$32 Million Awarded in Birth Injury Case

A jury in a rural suburb of Philadelphia awarded $32.8 million in damages to a couple whose daughter suffered brain injuries during delivery at a Chester County hospital.

The lawsuit was filed by the parents of Lilly Ciechoski, who sustained brain damage after two nurses at Phoenixville Hospital noticed a drop in her heart rate for 13 minutes during delivery, but failed to alert doctors. Lilly now suffers from several physical disabilities, which include frequent arm and leg spasms and an inability to control her head motions.

The family's attorney argued during the trial that 4-year-old Lilly, who is now confined to a wheelchair, may be able to lead a normal life with the proper medical care, which the family could not afford absent a verdict in their favor.

The verdict marks one of the largest awards of personal injury damages in Chester County's history.