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Shaun Gayle Sues NFL Over Concussion Injuries

Shaun Gayle, a former defensive back for the Chicago Bears, filed a lawsuit against the National Football League this week, claiming the league ignored evidence that repeated head injuries and concussions may have long-term effects on players.

According to court documents, Gayle claims that repeated head trauma he suffered during his 12-year career in the NFL resulted in symptoms consistent with a neurodegenerative disorder called chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

The suit, which was filed in Cook County Circuit Court, claims the NFL denied that there was any link between multiple brain injuries and long-term brain damage.

Gayle blames the NFL for failing to prevent, diagnose and treat concussions he suffered throughout his career, which spanned from 1983 to 1995.

Also named as a defendant in the lawsuit is Riddell Inc. The suit alleges that the football helmet maker failed to manufacture products that provided adequate protection against brain injuries. 

Gayle is seeking over $300,000 in damages.