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New Mexico Woman Mauled to Death by Pit Bulls

A New Mexico woman was mauled to death by four pit bull mix dogs while taking a walk on Sunday afternoon, police said.

According to witnesses, 48-year-old Margaret Salcedo of Truth or Consequences was attacked by the four dogs, who were running through the neighborhood after getting loose from a nearby home.

Salcedo tried to call 911 on her cell phone at the beginning of the attack, which lasted about three minutes, but she dropped the phone when one of the dogs bit her arm. Police responded to a 911 call placed by a neighbor.

One of the dogs was shot when it charged an officer. The other three dogs ran off. The district attorney is investigating whether the owners of the dogs should be charged in connection with Salcedo's death.

Police said that Salcedo was conscious at the scene of the attack, but died later at the hospital.