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Haunted House Sued Over Teen's Death

The father of a teenager who died after exposure to a mixture of artificial fog and various scents at a haunted house in St. Louis triggered an asthma attack, according to court documents.

The lawsuit alleges that 15-year-old Brittney Holmes died on November 12, 2010 after spending a year in a vegetative state following a visit to 'The Darkness' haunted house on Halloween 2009.

Her father, Durand Tyler of Anchorage, Alaska, filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in St. Louis Circuit Court against Halloween Productions Inc., the operator of the haunted house. 

Brittney experienced problems breathing on the way home from the haunted house, but by the time she arrived at the hospital, she had already suffered brain damage. Her brain had been deprived of oxygen for over 7 minutes upon arrival, according to hospital records.

Halloween Productions said in a response to the lawsuit that it had posted signs warning that people with respiratory ailments should not enter the attraction.