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Wife Sues Boeing Over Husband's Death in Kuwait

An Illinois woman is suing Boeing Co. claiming the company failed to equip her husband with protective gear while unloading a jet in Kuwait.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in the Cook County Circuit Court by Patty Bruce alleging her husband, John Bruce, fell from atop a mobile belt loader while unloading cargo after an operator became distracted and began moving the vehicle without any warning.

He sustained traumatic brain injuries and died six days after the incident.

John had worked as a United Airlines ramp serviceman for over 20 years before accompanying a U.S. military flight from the United States to a Kuwaiti air base.

According to the lawsuit, Boeing and NMC-Wollard Inc., the manufacturer of the loader, failed to provide safety equipment to Bruce to protect him in the event of a fall.

The suit also names the U.S. government contractor CAV International Inc., which employed the operator of the loader.

Bruce says her husband was extremely safety conscious when performing his job.