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12 Year Old Critically Injured in Amusement Park Accident

An employee at a Wisconsin amusement park was charged Tuesday with reckless endangerment after a 12-year-old girl was injured on a ride he was operating, police say.

Teagan Marti of Parkland, Florida, was rushed to the University of Wisconsin hospital after she fell close to 100 feet from the "Terminal Velocity" ride at Extreme World Amusements, a park in Lake Delton, Wisconsin.

She is listed in critical condition. Marti suffered brain swelling, spinal injuries, pelvic fractures, and liver and spleen lacerations, doctors say.

The ride's operator is 33-year old Charles A. Carnell, who reportedly told officers that he became distracted and failed to wait for a signal from another employee that the ride's safety net was in position.